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Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design - Affiliate Membership

The Center for Unit Load Design is an Industry/University Partnership. Membership is open to all individuals, firms, and associations interested in unit load based material handling efficiency. Industry members provide support, encouragement, advice, and funding. Membership funds help us attract and train high caliber employees and conduct state-of-the-art research needed by industry. The membership provides customized levels of benefits for companies and organizations with various sizes and focus.

Membership Benefits:

Access new state-of-the-art knowledge before the general public

Being affiliated with our center is invaluable because your company can be part of a selected few who will receive the latest information on how to improve the efficiency of your package design which will save you money and give you a competitive advantage against your competitors. Our goal is to build a lifelong mutually beneficial relationship and grow together with our members.

From this year, our center is expanding the scope of systems based packaging design thanks to our new faculty member associated with the center and will include areas such as advanced packaging material development, biopolymer science, smart packaging, evaluation of primary packaging solutions, and packaging market analysis.

Research activities conducted by the center are driven by the needs of our members

The Center focuses on developments of new knowledge and technologies to improve the efficiency of packaging system. During this process we work closely with our members through our executive board to determine research areas which have to potential to provide competitive advantage to all of our members as well us improve the life of the Commonwealth. All of our members have voting rights based on their level of membership to decide on which project, proposed by the faculty, will be implemented.

Networking opportunity with potential customers

As part of your membership, you will also be invited to our annual membership meeting and Packaging Summit which provides a great opportunity to network with potential customers and collaborators. These events also offer a great opportunity for our world-class researchers to identify industry wide problems and propose solutions to provide a competitive advantage for our members. Our graduate and undergraduate students will also be at the meeting presenting the results of their industry sponsored research.

Access to employee training programs and professional development seminars

Training employees with no-packaging background could be a long and complicated process. Our staff at the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design has a 40+ year's expertise training professional to be more efficient packaging designers. We are offering short courses several times a year covering packaging, pallet, and unit load design. These short courses are open for all of our members on a priority basis and for a significantly reduced price. To learn about our current short courses CLICK HERE.

Learn solutions to real-life problems

Our center recently started a Sustainable Packaging System Designer Trainee program. During the program all of our members will have a chance to submit one real life problems. Then our faculty will select one or two problems, on which, our best students will work, throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, the student will present the results to all of our members live or through a video recording. Trainee program provides a great opportunity for our members to interact and test the knowledge of potential hires and learn about potential solutions for existing issues in the packaging industry. To learn about the trainee program CLICK HERE

Priority access to highly trained graduates

Getting the right people to create value for your company could be a hit or miss. To make the selection of high caliber employees easier, we are providing special assistance for our members for student recruitment including job fairs, online database of our graduates, and personalized interview sessions.

Discount on contract testing and consultation

Being a member of the center, depending on the level of your membership you will receive significant discount from our testing and consultation services. Look at the membership table for more details.

Access to Searchable Library of Integrated Center Knowledge (SLICK)

We learned a lot since the center was established. Now, we would like to share this knowledge to all of our members. SLICK is a searchable library of all the knowledge which has been generated by the center during the 40+ years of operation. Most of the information in SLICK was never published to the general public and accessing them could give a competitive advantage to your company.

Promotion of your business in our website

Packaging professionals throughout the world are visiting our website for information on pallets and unit load solutions. Members of the center receive standard or premium promotion in our website and inclusion on our searchable database which will put you in front of potential customers.

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