Corrugated Packaging Lab

Corrugated Packaging Laboratory

Besides pallet, package, and unit load testing the Center also has access to a well-equipped packaging materials testing laboratory which is able to evaluate a wide range of properties that will accelerate your package design process. At the Corrugated Packaging Laboratory, we want to be your partner in evaluating the performance of your packaging materials. We will help you compare alternative designs and material configurations in order to maximize the quality of your products.

We offer a full range of testing capabilities under a controlled environment, and all of our tests can be run following any standards required. Our services include standard tests, such as Edge Crush, Flat Crush, Box Compression, Bending Stiffness, Water Absorption, Bursting Strength, and Friction, among others, as well as the ability to develop custom tests to match your needs. All of our standard tests are conducted based on American and international standards from TAPPI, ASTM and ISO.

Our capabilities include:

  • Evaluation of corrugated fiberboard material properties (sheets and converted packaging)
  • Development of custom test methods
  • Certified tests on corrugated for IKEA
  • Quality evaluation for pallet fasteners

  • The laboratory is equipped to conduct the following tests:

    • ISO 3037 - Edgewise Crush Test (ECT)
    • ISO 2759 - Bursting Strength Test
    • ISO 5628 - Four-Point Bending Stiffness Test
    • ISO 3035 - Flat Crush Test (FCT)
    • ISO 535 - Water Absorptiveness COBB 60 Test
    • ISO 3034 - Thickness by Caliper Test
    • TAPPI 410 - Grammage of Paper and Paperboard
    • TAPPI 811 - Edgewise Crush Test - Waxed Edges
    • TAPPI 825 - Flat Crush Test
    • TAPPI 836 - Four-Point Bending Test
    • TAPPI 839 - Edgewise Crush Test - Clamp Method
    • TAPPI 844 - Board Combination Test - Nominal Basis Weight

    IKEA Testing

    Any company who provides packaging materials to IKEA must ensure they meet the minimum specifications.

    We are an IKEA certified laboratory and can provide the required standardized testing for your packaging materials. We have the ability to evaluate and compare the material characteristics of corrugated fiberboard, pallet feet, and load bearers according to IKEA test methods which are based on the Specifications IOS-P-0010.

    Our laboratory is a certified laboratory for the following IKEA-required tests:

    • ISO 287 - Weight After Drying Test
    • ISO 535 - Water Absorptiveness COBB 60 Test
    • ISO 536 - Weight Test
    • ISO 2759 - Bursting Strength Test
    • ISO 3034 - Thickness by Caliper Test
    • ISO 3035 - Flat Crush Test (FCT)
    • ISO 3037 - Edgewise Crush Test (ECT)
    • ISO 5628 - Four-Point Bending Stiffness Test
    • IOS-TM-0037 - Inside Fillers Load Bearer Compression Test
    • IOS-TM-0038 - Load Bearer Sheet Deflection Test
    • IOS-TM-0039 - Pallet Feet Compression Test
    • IOS-TM-0040 - Pallet Foot Insert Side Compression Test

    To submit samples for IKEA quality testing please use the following forms:

    IKEA Testing Request Form.pdf

    IKEA Testing Price List.pdf

    Testing Samples

    All samples to be tested must be packaged to ensure each specimen will be flat and free from wrinkles and folds when delivered in the testing laboratory. Extreme care must be taken to avoid damage to the samples when shipping via couriers. All specimens must be obtained before the converting process to boxes or pallets.

    Testing samples must be shipped pre-paid to the following address:

    Eduardo Molina
    1650 Research Center Dr.
    Virginia Tech MC 0503
    Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

    For questions regarding testing procedures please contact Eduardo Molina via or (540) 231-8215.

    For any information required, issues concerning immediate deliveries, or invoicing, please contact our secretary Angela Riegel via or phone (540) 231-7107.